Lossless Montaigne - Glorious Heights (2016) FLAC music download


Montaigne - Glorious Heights (2016) FLAC
Artist: Montaigne | Album: Glorious Heights | Released: 2016 | Genre: Pop

Opening track and album title, “Glorious Heights”, is a stellar opening track. From the opening notes, the distinctive enunciation from Montaigne fills your ears with aural gold and the promise that the next 50 minutes is going to be a super juicy jaunt. The music in itself, is quite simple, which proves to be a strength through out the album. The drumming, horns and vocals are the reason “Glorious Heights” is probably in my top three songs on the albums. Montaigne’s vocals are outstanding, to put it bluntly.

“In The Dark” was released earlier in the year and was one of those tracks that continued to grow on the listener, despite initial concerns upon first listens. Having now heard the whole album, “In The Dark” definitely makes sense in the context of the album. Up next, is “Till It Kills Me”, which is a triumphant track that is pretty much a big ‘up yours’ to those problems everyone faces, that feel momentous and overbearing at the time but upon reflection, aren’t worthy of your worry. Eventually, you’ll get better of the situation. It won’t kill you.


Glorious Heights
In the Dark
Till It Kills Me
Because I Love You
What You Mean to Me
Consolation Prize
Come Back to Me (Interlude)
Come Back to Me
Greater Than Me
Clip My Wings
Lie to Myself
I Am Behind You

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